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Will A Simple Regrouting And Repair Of Your Commercial Kitchen, Restaurant Or Cafeteria Floor Get The Board Of Health Off Your Back?

Do Not Let The Board Of Health Shut Your Doors Due To The Need For Regrouting And Repairing Your Commercial Kitchen Or Restaurant Floor, While Your Valued Customers Go Eat And Drink At Other Establishments And Your Trained Employees Go Find Work Elsewhere!

There Is Nothing More Serious Than A Restaurant Needing To Shut Down, Even For A Day, As The Hit To The Reputation And Loss Of Customers Can Take A Long Time To Recover From, If Ever!

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Is your Massachusetts restaurant kitchen floor in need of regrouting and repair? Are the grout lines between quarry tiles shrinking, loose, broken or cracked? Is the board of health inspector saying: “You have to do something about this floor”?

Don’t risk getting the board of health angry – that can be disastrous. If your restaurant, commercial kitchen, cafeteria or pizza kitchen in the greater Boston, Massachusetts area, you can have the floor tiles regrouted professionally with epoxy grout, the more durable grout that doesn’t get ruined by grease and heavy traffic.

Regrouting is usually only done on walls, but our company also has the experience and specialized tools to do floor re-grouting as well. We do this for restaurants, commercial kitchens, cafeterias and any other businesses that need to have the work done without shutting down the facility.

If this is your first time checking into regrouting, you might think you can call any tile installation company and they will be eager to do the work at night…’re in for a surprise!  Most tile installation contractors (if they answer the phone at all) will laugh at you and hang up, and the ones that will stay on the line will be trying to tell you that you can’t replace floor grout and you should shut down the restaurant and buy a whole new floor.

Will that option work? Let’s look at that option for a minute. We also install new floors for restaurants and commercial kitchens, but when we do, the process is not cheap and easy. It works like this:

  1. You tell employees they will have no work for a week or two or three. Some will leave and not come back because they can’t live for 3 weeks without money….so you need to re-hire and re-train staff after the job is done.
  2. You post a sign saying the restaurant is closed for renovations. Some regulars don’t want to wait, so they go to a new place, find they like the new place, and never come back….so you lose permanent business that takes a long time to re-build.
  3. You pay for building permits to renovate, and you’re at the mercy of the building inspector, who may order many more repairs than you expected…..and doing them and paying for them is legally mandatory….or you can’t reopen the restaurant.
  4. A general contractor is usually necessary to coordinate the work. You pay for him.
  5. A plumber will definitely be needed to unhook water lines, dishwashers, gas stoves, and grease traps. It is likely a time to do other plumbing tasks, so just hand your checkbook to the plumbing contractor while you’re at it….
  6. After everything is out of the kitchen, then you pay a demolition contractor to demo the old floor…and maybe underlayments….and maybe subfloor.
  7. If the subfloor is in rough shape, you pay a carpenter to reinforce the joists or a cement company or the tile company to repair cement subfloors before tiling.
  8. Then you pay for tile, thin-set, and epoxy grout and installation.
  9. Then you pay the plumber to hook everything back up and move the ovens and heavy appliances back in

If any contractor along the way is late, the whole job is late. We’ve seen restaurants that planned to be reopened in weeks end up having the process drag on for months due to electrical inspections, fire alarm inspections and new building code issues. Can you live without a revenue stream for that long? Will you have any customers that loyal to wait that long?

The better option is to call Act One at 781-648-7888 and get a free quote for floor regrouting now. We will come in after hours, without disturbing your patrons. We use power tools to remove the old grout and then we install durable, grease-resistant epoxy grout which dries quickly and gives you a cleanable surface that health inspectors want.

Pass your inspection and keep the restaurant open! And save thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars over replacement costs.

Why do we use epoxy grout on restaurant floors? Unlike common cement grout, epoxy grout is not weakened by acidic grease that is very common in restaurants. It’s virtually bulletproof in terms of durability. It works with quarry tile, porcelain tile, ceramic tile, and even stone tile. Most large restaurant chains that have years of experience demand epoxy grout in their kitchens, even though it’s more expensive than cement grout. They do this because they know the value of the epoxy. If you had epoxy grout in the first place, this wouldn’t be an issue now. It’s extremely cleanable and easy to maintain epoxy grout. If you regrout using a contractor who doesn’t use epoxy grout, you’ll have to do it over again fairly soon.

If you need tile repair or tile replacement, we can also do this after hours at the same time, so that any missing tiles will be fixed. We use speed set mortar to cut down on drying time.

Our estimator will come in advance to survey the area and give recommendations, and we always put all our quotes in writing in advance, so you know what the price will be, with no surprises.

Contact Us For A Free Esimate To Regrout And Repair Your Commercial Kitchen Or Restaurant Floor.

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